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Anthony Welch's Online Memorial Photo

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Memorial Biography

Tony was born in Nipawin, Sask to Walter and Jessie Welch. He was the 6th of 8 children. He married Betty in 1954 and they had 4 children. Tony was an aero Mechanic in the Royal Canadian Air Force in his early years and worked on planes such as the CF-100's. After an injury to his ligaments he continued in many other capacities with the military such as teaching, clerk statician, and retired from CFB Chatham, NB. The family returned to their home in Sardis where they were very close to their neigbours and spent many weekends playing card games and enjoying spirits. Tony worked with Federal Corrections for many years and completed over 35 years service with the Federal Government. After his retirement he worked with his son John at his lawn care business. After his wife, Betty passed away, Tony moved to the community of Maple Meadows where he made many friends. He really enjoyed his community. Over the years Tony had many hobbies and jobs including: driving cabs, working at the Bowling Allies, wood working, car mechanics, fishing, general repairs, he even played hockey while in Saskatoon. In later years Tony could be found scouring the local thrift shops for the right glass vases and plates to make his special glass stands. Many people have one of these items in their home.

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